May 28, 2012

3D prints progress

Here's the latest work on 3D printing some statues..

 Here's the original painting..

Temporary resting spot for middle section, will eventually overhang like in the painting.

Back side designed on the fly..

Removed the head, the interior revealed some cool structure.

I had to make some minor edits during the 3D modeling phase , but surprisingly not many. Will adjust the head pose in the next iteration.

It has four pieces total, and balances well without needing tape or glue, but will include the little "foot" for the next iteration because it wants to lean forward slightly. I didn't include a small waist segment in the picture in favor of seeing inside the bottom piece. Not bad for the first attempt, though..!


shaeshatz said...

These are so awesome Laura!

shaeshatz said...

These are really cool Laura!

Vaughan Ling said...

cooool....where'd you get that printed at?

laura said...

thanks, Vaughan! i'm printing them myself, using the printer at work.

Stuart Thomas said...

Ohh wow that rad! need to scale them up and make them out of polypropylene and turn the into sweet table lamps

Vaughan Ling said...


Albert Ng said...

beautiful pieces.

Ryan Walsh said...

Oh no! You Didnt. 3D Printer! Oh My Gosh.

You didnt.

I hear those printers cost more than feeding 13,043 starving african children's. But then Again Im fat, and what do I care they seem kewl. To bad they didnt 3d Metal shit.

Nice Work BTW. It probably takes 15 hours to make one, and 150,000 watts of electricity. And then when you go to sell something like this. Like 30 dollar lamp piece.

Then Again if you are a artist. And put it in a Art GALLERY. 50,000 Rubels.

wongkiyuk said...

hello!!~ Laura Dubuk :)
i love your works
Especially, your Machine Design~
very awesome ~
Also have your face book friends