Sep 9, 2011

Ring 3D print

We have a 3D printer at work now, and I wanted to take a stab at using it.

I thought it would be fun to model and 3D print out some of my statue paintings, but before I did that, maybe try out some smaller, easier tests so I could see what the printer was capable of. These are meant to be rings.. because I have a simliar favorite ring thought I could make a version that looks faceted like a 3D model.. and an industrial-looking matte gray.

Here are some steps

Modeling them in XSI:

There are many steps between the last one and the next. The boring steps are: 1. Exporting the OBJ it into Maya and re-exporting it as a 3D printer file. 2. Importing it into the ZCorp printer software and choosing settings.

Then, finally sending to the printer, and waiting overnight (7 hours) for it to be plotted out. The next day, using various little vacuums, scraped away the dust revealing the shapes below. Then dunked em in a super-glue like substance which helped to strengthen em.

There are 3 here, 2 prints of 1 design, 1 print of the other. I printed out 6 total, each had different parameters. These turned out the best.

Next step is to sand them and maybe even paint it with model primer. It's too bad they came out 4x the size I needed .. So I might turn them into napkin holders or Christmas ornaments :(

check out my friend Andrew's model: he's been hard at work too.


donm said...

that is amazingly cool!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jeez! - all these faceted studies are killer . To me low poly models seem to have a raw appeal to them that gets lost in the final . Sort of like a rough sketch compared to a final painting . These all look really thought out and designed beautifully . Really like the faceted look .

Patrick Leyendecker said...

i love polygonal design, nice work man.