Apr 13, 2008

week-wide workshop was wonderful

Well, I could've gone to the tropics with my company... instead I stayed in Seattle and spent a week painting in a beautifully-lit room with about 8 other ladies, 8 hours a day. Still Life Painting in Oil workshop with Rita Natarova. At the end of the week, I was exhausted. Rita is an amazing painter. She is an amazing teacher. She gave me so many new ideas, challenges, and helpful advice. I'm most grateful for her challenges -- I thought I knew how to see, but apparently not well as I could have. I learned so much. 

Look at Rita's work here: Rita Natarova 

Here are some of my paintings. Some good, some bad, all learning.. The first one is the final 2 day painting, the rest are 1 hour to 1 day paintings, from the beginning of the week to the end.  


Conor said...

Jason Greene -- look at his containers. They're more amazing close up. His glazing is amazing.

Sarah McKenzie. Paintings of houses.

Anonymous said...

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